Leadership and People Management Training Programmes

Productivity equals profitability. Motivated staff, at whatever level , won’t moan and groan, look for new jobs during office hours, resign or move on. They’ll stay and grow within your company. As a cohesive team or group, they’ll pull together and make your organisation money. Aardvark can help

  •  uncover the performance issues within your management team?

  •  devise training programmes that result in an increase in turnover and profit?

  • design teambuilding awaydays that encourage group reflection and decision-making.

Aardvark Training’s courses are designed to encourage maximum participation .  There’s a lot of self analysis, feedback, skills assessment, exercises and discussion. Each course is tailor made for your organisation and we’ll establish some challenging learning outcomes before we start.

  • Practical Management Training

  • This is  Aardvark Training’s most popular course.
    Its a common scenario.. you’ve promoted Moaning Minnie and Timid Tim into management positions because they’re really good at their jobs. And then left them to it. Only it’s not working and you have a demotivated and fed up workforce.  And a demoralised manager who doesn’t know what went wrong.  Managers need to manage well and without the right skills they’re not going to get the best of those who report to them. This course teaches core managerial competencies such as leadership styles, motivating teams, coaching, dealing with people issues, giving feedback, managing performance and much more. Read about it here...

  • Personal Effectiveness  Training 

  • Do you need to release your inner lion or uncover your hidden dragon?
    This course helps your employees to improve their overall performance to instil the focus and commitment they need to succeed. Building effective working relationships is all about identifying personal working styles and the profound impact they may have on others. Your managers then learn the techniques they need to acquire those essential habits and behaviours that have got “success!” marked all over them.

  • Coaching for Managers

  • Adopting a coaching management style is a Good Thing as it empowers the coachee to self-analyse, recognise their own limitations and develop steps to improve their own performance without being told what to do.  Who really likes being told what to do? Coaching skills aren’t easy to acquire, however.  Read all about this course here…

  •  Train the Trainer

  • Your training and development staff have a tough job. They have to inspire, motivate and instil all sorts of new and dynamic skills into your company’s employees on a wet Monday morning when the people sitting in front of them would rather be doing something else. Aardvark’s Train the Trainer courses are tailor made to reflect the culture and skills that your training staff need, all moving towards behaviours that focus on that all important bottom line.  Read more about it here…