• Chemical Watch
  • Greater Brighton Metropolitan College
  • Business School, Sussex University
  • Bradley Property Management
  • Compass Travel
  • David Haskolls Limited
  • Intersport of Lewes
  • Plan International
  • Sussex University
  • Susssex County Cricket Club
  • American Express
  • Sussex Ambulance Service
  • Christs’ Hospital Boarding School
  • Surrey University
  • Sussex Enterprise
  • Brighton Business School
  • Knill James Chartered Accountants
  • Oxfam
  • Institute of Development Studies
  • Save the Children Fund
  • Age Concern
  • Sussex Wildlife Trust
  • The Institute of Fundraising
  • National Centre for Social Research
  • The Sussex Downs College
  • The South Downs Sports Club
  • Association of British Credit Unions
  • Diabetes UK
  • Food and Health Partnership
  • East Sussex County Council
  • Parker Building Supplies
  • SEOS
  • Sussex Downs and Weald Primary Care Trust
  • Mid Sussex District Council
  • Plumpton Agricultural College
  • ICS Roofing

Here is a sample of the work Aardvark has done with a mixture of clients from different sectors.

Plan International UK

“Our largest customer care team was struggling to balance their workload – partly due to a significant number of new team members and a rota system that didn’t reflect our needs. We needed to re-think the way we were approaching things!
Aardvark spent a day with us as a team: facilitating our discussions, keeping us focussed and helping us to share our knowledge and experience to work together to find practical solutions. As a result, we work much more efficiently and we have a scheduling system that works to everyone’s satisfaction. We can now get on with the real job – a day with Aardvark really helped us to develop as a team.”
C Jarrold, Head of Supporter Care, Plan UK

American Express

“Debbie trained all of the Assessors at our 5 day Graduate Assessment Centre, developed some of the exercises we used and ran the “wash up” at the end of every day. The evaluation/rap up session really prompted me to seek out Debbie this morning and congratulate her on exceptional facilitation skills. It was the end of a long day and clearly some of the assessors had different agendas. Debbie was professional, calm and extremely effective at diffusing annoyance, frustration and reaching consensus. We all had strong opinions and I’m sure I didn’t make Debbie’s job any easier. I think this was a great example to us all. I think what was clear to me, that had Debbie been less objective and rational we might have been there until midnight!.”
C Fuller, Head of Supporter Care, American Express

Sussex Ambulance

“We asked Debbie to facilitate some difficult restructuring debates to help find a way forward in our “Transform” project, that preceded our merger with Surrey and Kent Ambulance Services. Without Debbie’s skilled facilitation, we would never have reached any consensus or gained valuable insights into different parts of the organisation, that made a big difference to our decision making process.”
J Smith, Transform Project Manager, Sussex Ambulance Service