“I was applying for a major training contract but felt a bit overwhelmed and not sure that what I had prepared was quite right. Debbie worked with me as a trainer and coach so that I learnt some invaluable training tips but was also able to create the perfect training session. I left feeling confident that I could win the contract. And guess what?.. I did.” Gabrielle, Independant Consultant.

Executive Coaching unique, tailored one-to-one coaching for long lasting change, devised and delivered by a management coach with a difference.

You’re not performing as effectively as you could, either within your own business or as an employee. As the boss, perhaps, do you feel that your executives and managers don’t have the skills they need to lead and motivate?

Coaching is a way in which you, or a member of your staff is fully supported in the steps he or she needs to take in order to achieve specific goals – whatever they may be. You’ll get where you want to be faster, too. It’s a challenging process,  but a skilled coach will achieve results and effect behavioural change permanently.

At Aardvark Training, I offer dynamic, personalised coaching programmes that will change how you perform, lead or manage.

One to One Management Coaching for Your Executives and Managers

Do you have a line manager in a key position who is not getting the best performance out of employees?  This could mean lower levels of productivity and potentially a high turnover rate, damaging your bottom line. Instead you need a great manager who can engage and drive results from a thriving workforce? Your key people are key to the success of your business.

“I have worked with Debbie over a period of six weeks on my management skills. I have been newly promoted and taken on an interesting team… With Debbie’s help I learnt a lot about the theory of management, a lot about myself using really interesting psychometric tools, and how to pull it all together to communicate more effectively with my team. It has made a massive difference, not only because I am so much more confident, but also because the office morale has improved massively and is a much nicer place to be. I even look forward to coming to work now! ” Diana. Office Manager, Insurance Company

 As an experienced management coach, I work with individuals to improve their leadership and management skills, increase confidence and self belief with the ultimate aim of fine tuning overall team performance.

In effect, I work in two stages:

First, using psychometric tests, I assess managerial and behavioural styles. I then provide a mixture of personalised training and coaching with the individual so that they leave with the appropriate skills to get the absolute best out of their people.

The results. Improved working relationships, better decision-making and much more confident communication. Your work place is calm and happy, people actually smile at each other and work towards shared goals. Motivated, contented staff look forward to their working day and you, as a business owner benefit enormously – not to mention increased profits.

“Debbie gave me the confidence to try something I had been nervous of doing for ages. With her help I did it and have achieved great results” Gareth, Lyons Finance

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