“Debbie is naturally empathetic and asks questions that get straight to the point – without being confrontational. I have moved forward faster with Debbie in one session than I have over the last 10 years put together!” Janet, Inspired.

“She just asks better questions than anyone else I’ve ever known. Questions that got to the heart of the problem really quickly”.  Beverley, Chartered Accountant.

Hello, I’m Debbie Roberts Chartered MCIPD. I’m a management and organisation development coach, facilitator, training and development specialist with a unique approach to making a difference to you, your organisation or your business.

I set up Aardvark Training in 1999 and to date I’ve trained, developed and coached over 3,000 people, including quite a few Moaning Minnies and Aggressive Andrews.

How am I Different?

As a former corporate HR professional with a qualification from the Institute of Personnel and Development, I really know about the people side of organisations.  My expertise and skills will complement yours as a business owner – you know best about your products and services and I’ll work on your people!

“I’m genuinely interested in people and I think it shows. The vast majority of my clients enjoy our sessions hugely and bounce out of our meetings ready to take on the world! I love what I do and I get great customer reviews”

I’ll notice what’s not being said and I sometimes like to question “suspicious decisions” in order to help my client better understand their own self-limiting behaviour. I’m going to help you to remove those blocks which stop you achieving your true potential.

As a dynamic entrepreneurial individual you’re on the road to success already. You want to grow and develop so my role is to facilitate your success.

“Two hours with Debbie and I bounced out a new person, so confident and totally motivated to take on the world”. Caroline, Independant Marketing Consultant.

Interested to learn more? Why not contact me via this site or give me a call.